70 90
Effective August 2, 2020, Lines 70 and 90 will return to service.
10 40
Effective August 2, 2020, Lines 10 and 40 will increase service.
Fares will now be collected. TAP Cards are encouraged. Face masks are required at all times. Left your mask at home? Take a complimentary mask at the front of the bus. For your safety, please: -Enter thru the front. -Exit thru the back. -Social distance.
Attention: Line 10. To better serve early morning commuters, the bus that arrives at Whittier and Montebello at 5:05 am will now also serve the Pico Terminal prior at 4:54 am, Monday through Friday. Effective September 14.
Attention Line 70: The Wilcox Ave. & Lincoln Ave. Bus Stop will be closed from September 21 to September 23 due to nearby construction. Please use the West Victoria Ave. Stop instead.